Green Steps – Direct Mail

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As individuals and a business, we have accepted obligations to act as responsible stewards of our planet and recognize it is important to effectively manage resources for many, many generations to come. In providing marketing services for our customers, we … Continued

When is the best time to mail?

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Timing is an important part of every direct marketing effort. However, it is also not prone to a sweeping generalization. Certainly it makes sense for your message to reach your audience at the right time to influence their actions – … Continued

Standard versus First Class Postage

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The United States Postal Services (USPS) offers a wide variety of postage rates to meet a wide range of mail characteristics and delivery options. This blog article discusses the Presort Standard and Presort First Class postage rates used for the … Continued

List Rental Agreement Terms

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List Rental Agreements are between EVENT MANAGEMENT (“LIST OWNER”) and EVENT EXHIBITOR/SPONSOR (“LIST RENTER”) with COMMUNITY COMMERCE acting as the “LIST RENTER AGENT”, “ADVERTISING AGENCY” AND/OR “THIRD PARTY MAIL HOUSE” for the purpose of facilitating postal list rental and mailing … Continued